Hit Your Stretch Fitness Targets with our Flexibility Program

About Us

Hey, I’m Margie Hogan the owner of the YogAlchemy. Flexibility is the overlooked portion of fitness that are mostly  concentrated on endurance and strenghth. Here at YogAlchemy, we incorporate elements of Yoga and Pilates with regular strength and endurance training programs to ensure your flexibility improves as well.  Flexibility is important. Whether you’re just starting a more active lifestyle or have been at it for a while, we can help you literally reach farther.   

Avoid Becoming Musclebound

We’ll help shape your body and make sure it’s flexible too  

Wider Perspective

Learn why flexibility is important as you stretch yor fitness knowledge

Flexibile Operations

Our flexibility extends to our operations as well, with members willing to help you at all times  


20-Minute Core Training

We always here our trainers urge us to keep our core engaged—but what does this mean? A common misconception is that our...

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What People Say

Been lifting weights for sometime now. But back then I was just concerned with bulking up my body. In time I became muscle bound. I decided to find ways of maintaining my body but becoming  more  flexible too. YogAlchemy was highly recommended. Soon, I ditched my old gym and stayed here for good. 

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